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The value of world culture

The Chairman of the People's Council met with children who are interested in horse riding in the city of Arkadag
A national contest was held in Ashgabat
A long-distance horse marathon was held in Turkmenistan
Serdar Berdimuhamedov congratulated the participants of the international event of railway workers in Turkmenistan
The meeting of the managers and responsible representatives of railway transport agencies has started its work
The value of world culture
The President of Turkmenistan took part in the celebrations at the International Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex
The President of Turkmenistan participated in the first meeting of "C5+1" multilateral cooperation
The President made a speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly
The autumn horse racing season has started in the country
Horse show jumping competition at the Ashgabat Equestrian Sports Complex.
Dashoguz Equestrian Sports Complex
Decree of the President of Turkmenistan
Türkmen bedewiniň milli baýramy mynasybetli “Türkmenistanyň at gazanan atşynasy” diýen hormatly ady dakmak hakynda
Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XIII mejlisi.
Uzak aralyga atly ýöriş bäsleşigi.
«Ýylyň iň owadan ahalteke bedewi» atly halkara gözellik bäsleşiginiň 2-nji tapgyry.
“Turkmen Atlary” invites to riding courses
Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Halkara ahalteke atçylyk sport toplumyndaky dabaralara gatnaşdy
Halkyň ruhubelentligi hem-de döredijilik ylhamy — Watanymyzyň Rowaçlygy
2022-nji ýylyň 3-nji sentýabrynda Aşgabat atçylyk sport toplumynda Güýzki at çapyşyk möwsümine badalga berildi.
Ahal welaýatynda meşhur Akhan bedewiniň heýkeli ýerleşdirilen monumenti gurlar
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Türkmenistanyň Prezidenti Serdar Berdimuhamedowyň Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XII mejlisindäki Çykyşy
Halkara ahalteke atçylyk assosiasiýasynyň XII mejlisi
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Hormatly Prezidentimiz Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow Köpetdagyň eteginde guruljak athananyň taslamasy bilen tanyşdy
Hormatly Prezidentimiz Halkara ahalteke atçylyk sport toplumynda baýramçylyk dabaralaryna gatnaşdy
Milli Liderimiz Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň Ahalteke atçylyk toplumyna bardy
Milli Liderimiz Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň Ahalteke atçylyk toplumyna bardy

In the early morning of January 20, 2024, named "Magtymguly Pyragy, the Ocean of Wisdom", an event took place that gave wings to the happy bird of our comrades working in the horse industry. On that day, the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Hryman Arkadag, visited the new stable complex of Arkadag city, located in one of the beautiful corners of the foothills of Kopetdag, met the heavenly horses and once again showed the model school of horse care and training. This business trip of our National Leader, whose path is a principle, and what he has done is an example, has brought to life the wise saying of our wise people: "Get up in the morning, see your father, after your father - your horse." Our heroic friend began his business trip by familiarizing himself with the condition of the horses that were bred in the new stable complex. Here, our Heroic Friend, who pays special respect to the Akhalteke horses and our horse breeders who dedicated their lives to caring for these wonderful horses, got acquainted with the buildings of the stable complex of the new city, their layout features and the conditions created in the work rooms of the complex.

horse breeders, has given special attention to the creation of all the necessary conditions for the development of national horse breeding traditions in accordance with the spirit of the times and the promotion of them all over the world. The professors and teachers of the academy became a model school for the lucky students.

went to Hanbeg , a fawn -colored stallion born in 2017 . Khanbeg Toychi is also a descendant of Akhalteke horses named Gowherli , and he belongs to the line of the glorious Melegush. Khanbek's paternal and maternal side are names Tyllanur - Moons, Goar - 17 and Winged, who were famous for their beauty in their time.

Our hero Arkadag's horse, Hanbeg, took his horse by the reins and went for a walk, and the wise advice of our horse scientist Arkadag that walking horses in the morning has a positive effect on their body structure, health, as well as on their fitness, became a classic lesson for all horse breeders who decided to become equestrians. Walking on the foothills in the early morning of the winter season, which opens up clean and fresh air, has a particularly positive effect on the health and activity of both people and horses. Our heroic friend once again showed the model school of fatherhood by jumping on a horse with a broken leg and a hot hoof .

Our people, who are equal to the magic throne of the Prophet Suleiman flying on his impeccably decorated horse, tied his horse to his empire, state, airplane wing, brother, confidant, and a jewel made of satin. These artistic paintings dedicated to the Bedouins show that the Turkmen people treated the Akhalteke horses with special respect throughout history.

The world model national principles created by our fathers in connection with horses are further developed in accordance with the spirit of the present time with the tireless efforts of our Heroic Hero and the Heroic President. During the trip, our national leader let the horse into the wild. The horse, freed from the hands of the masters and taken care of in every way, held his proud head high and protected.

It should be noted that the new stable complex built in the city of Arkadag supplemented the International Akhalteke Equestrian Sports Complex, the International Equestrian Academy named after Aba Annayev, the State Equestrian Circus named after Gorogly of the Equestrian Research and Production Center. These are evidences that show that national horse breeding principles are developed on a comprehensive scientific basis .

In general, the species that we witnessed in the morning of that wonderful day are a symbol of the close friendship between man and horse, and in our country, which is confidently stepping towards new heights of development, the "Ocean of Wisdom Magtymguly Pyragy" has achieved great success in the year of the "Ocean of Wisdom" and set the country ahead. He strengthened his belief that the goals would be achieved.

Among the great events of that historical day, we should mention with pride the business meeting held by our hero with the participation of the manager of the Cabinet of the President of Turkmenistan and the vice-president of the International "Turkmen Alabay Dogs" Association and the International People's Goat Equestrian Association. During the business meeting, the projects related to the reconstruction of the Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan were shown to our Hero.

The National Leader of the Turkmen people got acquainted with the presented projects, made some comments and made amendments to them.

During the business meeting, our Hero Arkady met in Kazan on January 15-17, 2024 at the Central Asian Shepherd Championship of the Russian Federation of Cynology under the name of "Central Asian Shepherd" Akdost (Akdus), a Turkmen horse presented to the leader of the Republic of Tatarstan by the President of the International Ahalteke Equestrian Association, was selected from more than 200 competitors who participated in the competition in two fields - i.e. pure blood, beauty and ability to obey orders - and became the champion of Russia. The glad tidings from the Cynological Association made the whole nation happy.

The Vice-President of the International "Turkmen Alabay Dogs" Association and the International Ahalteke Equestrian Association expressed his gratitude to the President of the Republic of Turkmenistan and our Heroic Friend for the productive work of horse breeders in the modern stable complex intended to keep 600 Ahalteke horses, and for the necessary efforts by the state to carry out scientific work related to horse breeding. and asked our Heroic Friend to hand over to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan a small dog called Shatlyk in honor of the joyful events that took place.

Our national leader went to the riding area of the stables with his dog Shatlyk, jumped on his horse Hanbeg, which was walking early in the morning , and started walking in the direction of the manege. At this moment, the native Shatlyk did not stay behind our Heroic Friend, who was riding a horse. These proud forms were a clear proof that there is a special kindness in the interaction between a man and his owner, a loyal, warm and noble Akhalteke horse, and on the other hand, an energetic and brave Alabai, and that the history of Akhalteke horses and Alabais has been closely connected with the life of the Turkmen people for thousands of years.

After the tour of our Heroic Friend, when he said goodbye to his light horse and got into his car with a trout called Joy, a strange incident happened that blew his mind. Early in the morning, a horseman named Hanbeg came to the car of our Heroic Friend, who greeted our Heroic Friend with joy. Like a human, the horse crossed the ground with its legs and shook its proud head, wishing the beloved Human, our National Leader, a white road. In response to the horse's loveliness, the master trainer of Turkmenistan, Alym Arkadagym, patted Hanbek's head with joy and expressed his happiness to him.

These proud images, which will remain forever in the history, clearly showed that our heavenly horses, the products of the national herding art of the Turkmen people, and the people's creative, carefree, loyal horses are the value of the public culture.